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Making a few comments about "Sex and Violence".

Supernatural - S4EP14 - "Sex and Violence":
01.) Sam having sex with a HUMAN woman. And she lives!!! That back...yum. Plus, Puppy was looking mighty fine the whole episode, especially during the fight. Which leads me to....

02.) WINCHESTER BOYS FIGHTING EACH OTHER, ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most. Homoerotic. Episode. Ever!!! Ahem. They did need that fight, though. I just hope that all that was said and done doesn't get ignored come next episode. In March. Sigh.

03.) The phone call scene to Bobby?! All those phones?!! GENIUS!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

04.) Totally called Nick being the siren. LOVED IT! At first I thought it was Cara AND Nick, like a tag team of sorts. But I was hoping it would be Nick because I didn't want another storyline with Feds going after the boys. So I was ecstatic when it turned out I was right!! Dean was the one that needed something, his brother. The siren turning the brothers on each other was unexpected, but how many heart to hearts can the boys have on their own before it gets routine? They needed an all out fight. I just would like some forward movement in all of it because I feel like nothing really gets resolved. It's all just swept under the carpet for another case, another city or town (case in point: the ending). There needs to be a payoff in the end, Kripke.

05.) The Siren using Disney princess names? LOLTASTIC!

Okay...going to go watch that episode again now.


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