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Amongst the whirling thoughts and decisions that are currently bringing me down there are five current loves balancing out all the cons in my life right now.

They would be:

Five Good Things:
01.) Away We Go trailer. Heard about the movie awhile ago but didn't think much of it again until I saw the trailer was in the can for Adventureland. So I added it to the trailer ring, but then I didn't get the call to come in to preview the movie so I watched the trailer online instead (always forgetting trailers are online long before theaters get them anyways). LOVE. Every time I get to start Adventureland I stay to watch it (if I can). Bonus is that they use Alexi Murdoch music (and I've noticed MANY recent TV/movie previews/trailers have done the same)!!!! I see him live for the first time (FINALLY) Monday!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

02.) I've been building movies again. Lately, the films have been coming in unusually early (anywhere from when doors open at 10:30am to 1pm, at the latest, but usually before noon) so I decided it was time to get back into the routine of building films. It's truly like riding a bike. Once you know how you don't really forget. However, it took time to feel comfortable building again but after 6 films in the past month I'm doing okay! This week the Technicolor films didn't arrive on Wednesday, when they were supposed to, so we got all four films on Thursday. I built two of the four before the guys showed up. I built the trailer rings for the other two films as well. I was damn impressed with myself for being so productive, seeing as how I also had to keep on top of threading and starting 15 projectors on time by myself, thankyouverymuch. The guys always seem to need three or more bodies upstairs on film building nights. I think it's pathetic. I can see the need for three people upstairs if we had, idk, 8 films to build in one night (which has happened) but not less than 5 films. But one of the twats builds like this: shoot the shit with the staff downstairs for an hour or more, spin one reel on, shoot the shit downstairs for another hour, spin the second reel on, rinse and repeat. That isn't an exaggeration either. Irritates many people at work to no end (yet nothing gets done about it, however he has been getting somewhat better). The other guy can build two or three films out of, say, five before slow-as-fuck-twat even decides to show up to work. Gah, whatever, this verged off into a rant. I'm happyhappyhappy. I am building films again and speeding up the process on film building nights, yay.

03.) Live Music. Complete and utter love. Mates of State tonight. Alexi Murdoch tomorrow. Peter Bjorn & John on the 21st. M. Ward on the 25th. Neko Case on the 26th. Franz Ferdinand on the 28th. And many more in the coming months. I have to decide if I want to drive my happy ass to Milwaukee (5.5 hour drive to and from) on May 24th to see Gomez, a band I have seen so many times already that I have lost count (I think it's in the 30s now). Early birthday present to myself? Maybe. All depends if the Purple Nurple gets fixed by then, if at all.

04.) Talking to Rynnie-Ryn and Bitch. On the phone, no less! That hasn't happened in AGES, omg. I love those two something fierce. They are encouraging me to do something that I want to do but am still a bit too afraid to follow through on. =/ We'll see, we'll see.

05.) I’ve made the decision to cleanse myself of a long-standing and still thriving family curse: being a pack rat. I don't NEED most of what I own. Yes, I like, want, and probably won't part with many of my belongings, but I want to be rid of everything else that has ended up only being good at collecting dust. I saw what my dad and his siblings had to do when my beloved grandma died, going through all of her belongings and having to throw most everything out because it was no use to anybody (believe me). Even though I can be a sentimental sap and was taught by my beloved grandma and parents to keep everything, I no longer wish to do so. Because once I start moving around I don't want to be driving a huge moving truck to do so.

Sleep is eluding me. Yay.


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