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I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine tonight after work. One word: lame. It was about showing off what could be done with special effects/the characters' abilities (probably the whole point). The guy playing Gambit sure was nice on the eyes, though. Heh. I recommend to always go for the shallow when a movie isn't worth much else. But, to be fair, he was awesome as Gambit and I thought he wasn't on long enough.

In saying all that, I will be watching the movie two more times this week. Tomorrow and Wednesday respectively, actually. Why, one would ask? We have three prints and over the weekend all three of those prints got scratched. Say it with me now: AWE-SOME.

First, The Soloist, now all THREE FRAKKING PRINTS of Wolverine? It's called double and triple checking your threading before starting a film. It's called doing fifteen minute rounds to make sure every projector is running properly. Now, I'm not getting on a high horse here, because I have fucked up a time or two myself, but we have some newbie projectionist boys and they were the ones working this weekend. Just sayin'. What a headache.

For why I'm watching all three prints of Wolverine is simple: we're losing a print and we will want to get rid of the print that is in the worst condition. The print I watched tonight is the best we have. It only has one faint vertical black scratch on the right hand side of the screen. It's not distracting at all, imo.

When I did my rounds during my shift today I noticed that the two other prints have vertical green scratches along with some vertical black scratches. I'll have to see if one or both have those throughout the film, like with The Soloist, or if it's contained within a specific reel or two.

Fun shit. At least I have eye candy (and, I admit, some cool stunts/FX) to distract me from the lameness that is the movie itself.

I have to fill out and hand in my availability form for my downtown job. I, uh, kinda forgot about it. Oops.


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