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The weeks have been blurring together more so than usual lately. It's kind of scary. I get to go on a three week vacation in two weeks. I just have to survive Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince mania at work (we have 8 prints for the midnights!) and then I am home free!

01.) I have seen (500) Days of Summer twice now. I know. I'm a dork. I don't care. I really like the movie. I am seeing it again on the 16th. All of these viewings have been free so YAY! I also pre-ordered the soundtrack on iTunes. :DDDD

02.) I will never be a successful burglar. I locked myself out of my cousin's house this past Tuesday - I am dog and house sitting - and I panicked and hacked up the garage door leading into the mud room and broke a window in the patio window door. Yeah. It was a disaster. I had just woken up and.....just bad. I have pictures.

03.) Drama at work is centered around one manager. Hmmm. FUN. :( I hope, for her sake, that she learns and becomes better at being a manager (and person) but I personally have given up on caring about her as the friend she use to be to me. So, good luck to her and her life but I am fed up with trying to care or help when she won't even consider she has issues that need to be worked on.

04.) I worked five closing shifts in a row over July 4th week/end. I was fine with it, except it messed with my sleep schedule a bit. I am so use to getting up early and crashing early(ish) that I lost track of it after getting on the night shift routine. I use to work the night shifts all the time at Crapmike until a co-worker needed them because of school. So, yeah, then I just became accustomed to the day shift. And now I like it. Ugh, whatever, all I am trying to say is that I WAS TIRED. Still am. Still not fully recovered and back on regular sleep schedule just yet. Getting there.

05.) I am three episodes away from FINALLY finishing Merlin. I have been slowly working my way through it since February. And now I find that NBC is airing it now. They're on episode 6 and I am on 11. So, NBC loses. Hahaha. I love this show!

06.) People who tail others while driving completely suck balls. People who tail and then get out of their cars at a stop light to verbally attack the person they were tailing can go fuck themselves in hell. Who in their right mind thinks that is ok?!

07.) I love this theater so very much. I need to go there more often. I need to live closer to it, though!

08.) I have a 5 year life plan. First time ever. It's odd, new, and unexpected. But none of that is a bad thing. I'm liking it. For example, I am going to a college open house on the 21st.

09.) Sounding off on the summer tv shows I watch:
    01.)Mental is boring and laughable. But there is some good pretty to watch for.
    02.) Burn Notice is still made of awesome, and that is mostly due to the brilliant Bruce Campbell!!!
    03.) So You Think You Can Dance is boring me this year. No one dancer is really shining through. They're all good but, idk, I am not feeling a connection to any of them like I have in the past. And the routines aren't that memorable. Also, I really don't think the show needs to come back with a new season in the fall.
    04.) Harper's Island is cracktastic!!! It was slow to start and clunky, but it started picking up by the 6th or 7th episode. The eppy that aired two weeks ago made me tear up a bit, but I think that a large part of that was how the last two deaths were edited and how the song they used was edited into the scene. I didn't originally like the two characters that died but they somehow got to me over the course of the show. Damn them. The two hour finale is tonight!!!!
That's all I watch, I think.

10.) Something I find odd is someone who thinks they can register at Target and such for a housewarming party when all they're doing is moving from one apartment to another within the same complex. It does not make any sense. I can maybe see that for someone moving into a house for the first time, but even that is far fetched in my mind. The only times one has to register for things, imo, is when they're getting married or having a baby. Am I wrong? If someone moves into an apartment you give them beer or something along those lines. If someone moves into a house you make them a hotdish (or is that so 1950s?). I find it selfish and wacky to think anyone is going to buy you something for switching apartments, and no sob/pity story is going to help your case.

I have to pack up my belongings (last day dog/house sitting) before I go to work.


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