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I have been home for a week now and have gotten back in the swing of my daily rountine. It's been ok, I guess. Work is the same yet somehow worse. Awesome. Oh well, must make do.

Seattle - I stayed at a hostel that was right across the street from Pike's Place and on the same street, it turns out, as the Showbox. I had been to the Showbox in February of 2007, but I was there when it was dark so I didn't remember the location or surroundings. Plus, I might have been a bit tipsy back then, too. I was in Seattle when the northwest was experiencing the unusual heatwave. It wasn't bad there, though. I adored the hostel and would definitely stay there again. Just sitting in the common room, listening to all the different languages was awesome! I didn't do much, just walked around and got familiar with the area. I went to Seattle Coffee Works, which was next door, both days I was there. It was great getting something besides Caribou or Starbucks. I did go to the original Starbucks, tho. I had to! Next time I visit Settle, and it won't be for Gomez mind, I am going to spend more than two days there and really explore Seattle. Same goes for the other cities, of course.

Portland - The heatwave was horrible in Portland. Drew and I were so bored with the repeated setlist Gomez gave, and the lack of air conditioning in the packed venue, that we left the show and sat in the air conditioned car and chatted until the last song of the encore. Hahaha, I don't think I have ever done that at a Gomez show before. The hostel in Portland was in a more quiet, residential part of the city and it seemed all the guests there kept to themselves/were quiet themselves. I would have explored more if it hadn't been for the heat, but since I knew I would be back I spent my second day in Portland hiding in Powell's. I want to have an apartment there, omg! So much love for that place!!! I found some good books and I hung out in the cafe.

San Francisco - All I can say is that my heart is completely San Francisco's bitch. Seriously. I love that city so much. There is an energy about the city and people that just clicks with me. I feel so completely at home and safe there. The Fillmore was AMAZING, OMG!!!! And the Boom Boom Room was a great place to hang out. The hotel was pretty spiffy, too. I spent three more days in San Francisco after the Los Angeles show and I am so glad I did. I was originally going to spend those three days in L.A. but I decided against it after leaving SF for San Diego. I walked around, learned the bus system, got a sun burn, and just generally had an amazing time.

San Diego - The hostel was good. I wasn't there long so I really didn't get to do much. I could have wasted some money and gone on a Tijuana pub crawl the first night but I decided against it. It would have been an interesting experience, I'm sure. I would like to go back to San Diego, though. It sounds totally geeky, but I wanted to see if there was a Veronica Mars location tour or something similar. They filmed the show there, if I'm not mistaken, and I thought it would be cool to have seen the buildings they filmed in. I adored that show.

Los Angeles - So, no shit. I spent the day in my PJs in Kelly's house (which is totally adorable!!) in Culver City. I had every intention of just walking around her neighborhood but then I remembered I hadn't booked a hostel for San Francisco. Hostels were all booked so then I had to search for cheap hotels. By the time I was showered and dressed it was almost time for Kelly to come home and take us to the Wiltern for the final Gomez show so I just hung out in her house. I will visit L.A. properly one of these days, I guess. It's not on my MUST VISIT list, though.

Oregon coast (with my mom) - My mom joined me for the last few days of my trip in Oregon. We were in Portland for two days. We went to the fantastic Farmer's Market at PSU. We bought some delicious blackberries. SO GOOD. We were driving a lot. We did get lost a couple times. We argued because of getting lost. But we always got over it and had fun overall. We went to Cannon Beach and saw Haystack Rock. It and the beach and the day were gorgeous. We, personally, didn't see any sharks. HA! We spent some time in Salem. It seemed a bit dreary and rundown, to me, for being the state capitol. It also felt too small town like for my liking. It was nice, but it's not for me.

The train rides to and from the west coast were fun and beautiful. I would take the train again. They don't have nearly as many restrictions as airports do, which is a nice plus. I would most likely invest in a sleeping car for that length of a trip, though. The coach seats can be unforgiving, but there is more leg room than on a plane, another plus!

Now I want to spend three weeks traveling up and down the east coast. But I think I would need three weeks for just New England so maybe two trips out east is in order!! :)

I have the next three days off work so I think I am going to go back to work and finally see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight!
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