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I started watching Merlin. Just a few hours ago, actually.

I found the first two episodes online, not so much with the third. Woe.

New crack is fun, though.
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I didn't know Anwar from Skins was in Slumdog Millionaire! I just caught the tail end of the Golden Globes and saw him on stage. I had a mini "OMG ANWAR!" spaz moment. *facepalm* Which reminds me, I never did finish the second series from when I started it last March. Awesome.

Randomness for a cold Sunday )

That's all.
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I finished reading Breaking Dawn twenty minutes ago.


It about killed me, but I've survived and I can now justifiably say that this series is mind numbingly BAD. I started reading to see what the fuss was about, which I don't agree with at all, and then I had to finish the series because that is just how I am. I guess I had a morbid curiosity to see how bad it could get.


I'm going to bed now.
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I have been told I need to get a life and go out with the co-workers who want me to go out with them tonight. I made a promise to myself to stay in this year, but I now will feel guilty if I don't go.

See, going out tonight is a Christmas present from two of my co-workers. It's dinner and a ticket to an NYE party. Yeah. Last night they took our boss and me out to dinner, and soon I'm heading out to meet them at the theater before we head to the cities together for the party. There is no way I can say no. I would feel awful if I did. My boss, who is also a homebody, is going so I won't feel completely lame.

Wish me luck.

Recording my lists )

Happy New Year!
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Christmas snuck up on me this year and I have no idea how or why. Yeah, the years go by faster as you get older, but this year has been an odd one so I didn't see Christmas coming up so fast until last week.

Our Christmas movie outing this year was Seven Pounds. I kinda wish it hadn't been but oh well. I just wonder why ... ) Ugh, it was ok.

What is up with the current crop of movies either being three hours long or feeling even longer than their two and half hour running time? Oy.

I have to close at the movie theater tonight. Joy. We just got back from my theater (we debated going to Crapmike). It was INSANE. And it doesn't help that the design of the building SUCKS And the owners are there playing "work" And I never worked Christmas at Crapmike so I just hope that it will die down some this evening. I doubt it but one can dream.

Happy Christmas!
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Another brief movie review.

I've been staying up way past my bedtime this week )
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The boys and I previewed The Spirit.

A brief review )

I've also seen: Australia, Nothing like the Holidays and Role Models this week. :D
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I finally watched the last three episodes of Pushing Daisies, grudgingly on the ABC site. My cable has being a real bitch lately, and the episodes were recorded with the sound and image cutting in and out every three seconds. But I. digress.

The last three episodes have shown more than ever why this show should NOT be canceled! They were so hilarious and touching, and all three have left me smiling.

This show is pure joy. And ABC is the Grinch for taking it away!

Pushing Daisies comments )

And that is all I've got.

I lie, total sidenote: Gossip Girl )
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This time last week I was just waking up and getting breakfast in sunny Mexico, and now I'm back home, where snow is predicted for the next five days. LOL, love it.

List of five )

Happy Friday!
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I'm just getting back from seeing Twilight with some bookstore co-workers and SS.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....wipes tears from eyes )

I leave for Mexico in the morning!!!! One week away from the jobs to relax in the sun FTW!!! :D
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I just read that Pushing Daisies has been cancelled.

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Making this quick cause I have a long weekend ahead of me, and I need to get to work to kick it off.

01.) I had a full day off from all jobs Wednesday. It was heaven. I didn't leave the house and I stayed in my pajamas all day. I needed one day to myself. I slept in and I watched four movies. It was great.

02.) I wanted to make Quantum of Solace my 100th movie for my list this year but that didn't happen. Instead it has become my 98th! I went to the Midnight showing at work. I enjoyed it, a solid B, but I think I still love Casino Royale a lot more (the opening credits alone are a major downgrade compared to the first). Anyway, I'm way ahead on my list compared to last year. Last year, I was watching about four movies on December 31st, even purposefully making myself late for the horrible concert I had to work that night downtown. Ugh, never again. Anyway, I just have two more movies left to watch!!! But since I have a month left, and there are so many more movies coming out in the theaters that I want to see, I think I might make a continuation of the 100 movies in a year goal. I might just add on, I don't know, 10 or 15. We'll see. In addition, I've seen many more movies in the theater this year compared to last year. I wonder why that is? LOL.

03.) I've worked a handful of Wicked shifts now and I still stand by my thoughts on opening night. The actor who plays Fiyero still drives me nuts. I can't watch "Dancing Through Life" because he stinks that badly, imo. And I have to listen to Norbert Leo Butz's voice after every shift just to erase this guy's voice from my memory. I don't like his delivery of the material. At all. Ugh. I'm just really picky about voices, I think, because he seems to get lots of love from the audience every night. Whatever. More thoughts: I do like the main Glinda. And I love seeing how all three actresses who plays Glinda (there are two understudies) perform "Popular" differently. And they all seem to perform that number different each time they get to play the part. It's hilarious!

04.) These are mine!!! *does happy dance*

05.) 11 more days until I'm in Mexico!!!! :D

Happy Friday!
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It's snowing.
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My family and I got Broadway season tickets for the second year in a row. It just so happened that our night to see Wicked was opening night.

Rambling and pictures of a Wicked-related present )

I work all day long tomorrow so I should head to bed.
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I had gone months without checking out movie trailers so I headed over to Coming Soon after getting home from work tonight.

Some rambling thoughts )

I work two of three jobs tomorrow so I should probably sleep. I thought I could wait up for my Bitch to get on Y!M but it doesn't seem like he'll be making an appearance tonight. :(
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Why is Mad Men so amazing?!?!!!

I need to ramble on about this show at some point, recall my first reactions while recording newer thoughts during a re-watch of both seasons.

I love this show so much. :)
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But, shhh, don't tell my boss at the movie theater....I kinda backed out on the concerts I told him I was going to tonight and tomorrow, and the reason I couldn't work the hell that is HSM3 this weekend. I didn't lie. I had fully planned on going to those concerts, even though I didn't have tickets, but I'm burned out and need to recharge before I'm constantly on the go once more.

Wicked starts early next month and I requested to work as many shows as I could! :D The downtown job that was pretty dead all summer has finally gotten crazy busy again. I will probably die from constantly shuffling between all three jobs with no down time to myself, but that is what my life is right now, I guess. No, I should say that is what I chose my life to be right now.

What will keep me going? The lovely picture of wasting some time on a beach in Mexico, soaking up the sun and sipping mojitos with my family during Thanksgiving week!!!

For now, I'm going to visit with my mom and grandma, eat Chinese, and watch a movie. Wow, I can't believe I can actually say I have time to do that!!

P.S. I adore everything in this shop!!
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I didn't have time to make this trivial entry before work so here it is now, after work!

TV ramblings...might edit with more later )

RL ramblings )

Ok, I think it's time for bed.
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It was steady the whole time at the cafe today, but a good kind of steady. They had a release party for a book series, which didn't do as well as they were hoping, and so we had a lot of food leftover. We were sampling like crazy, and giving away free food to the first five customers who came to buy a drink. HAHAHA, it was fun!

3 Good Things:
01.) Teddy Thompson's new album, which came out back in June, is simply lovely.

02.) The quilts that I have been eying forever at Target FINALLY went on clearnace!!!!

03.) Spending time with my mom. We saw Traitor tonight.
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ZOMG, Supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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