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I'm consumed by the following.

3 major loves )

Okay, that's all.
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01.) Glee is a fun new show.

02.) I am planning on going to Brawl of America this weekend!!!! Super excited!

03.) Ra Ra Riot this Thursday and Sondre Lerche on Sunday!!!!

Off to work Mary Poppins now!!!
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I'm hungry. And tired. Yay.

01.) The Unusals is one of the new shows I am absolutely loving right now!!! I adore this show so so so much!!! But it's on ABC (Already Being Cancelled). Woe.

02.) We finally got rid of the Watchmen soundtrack at work!! Instead of the "gouge your eyes out with a rusty spoon" movie tunes music we have been playing movie scores at our theater. The Watchmen left our theater a few weeks ago. The score was scaring children. And my boss said he found it depressing. HA. So he is playing the Ben Button score once again. Oh, not good. I bought The Soloist score tonight, hoping he will put it in tomorrow.

03.) I need to plan a trip for June to the Northwest. Because a) I want a vacation and b) I fell in love with the Northwest two years ago and I miss it.

M. Ward and Neko Case this weekend!!!

ETA: Adding a fourth good thing to remember this:

04.) I built all four films last week!!! One of the guys was sent home early (an hour and half after his shift started) because there was nothing for two projectionists to do! Hee. Also, I built all the ad packs this week on top of building one of the three movies. I could have built another movie but I didn't feel like it since I had built ad packs for 12 of the 16 films. Disney movies don't get ads. We like Disney because of this. And I didn't think the stacked movie with two showtimes needed ads (the guys thought differently and built one).
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It was steady the whole time at the cafe today, but a good kind of steady. They had a release party for a book series, which didn't do as well as they were hoping, and so we had a lot of food leftover. We were sampling like crazy, and giving away free food to the first five customers who came to buy a drink. HAHAHA, it was fun!

3 Good Things:
01.) Teddy Thompson's new album, which came out back in June, is simply lovely.

02.) The quilts that I have been eying forever at Target FINALLY went on clearnace!!!!

03.) Spending time with my mom. We saw Traitor tonight.
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First and foremost:
I've mentioned this to her a few times already, even catching her on the phone for a bit (see, Ryn, I can call people!! :D), but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYN! ♥!!! I'm glad you took the day off from your stupid job and are treating yourself to a concert! You better have enjoyed yourself!!!!!! *hugs*

I don't care that we have a wind advisory, the sun is shinning, and through the wind you can feel the heat of the 60-something degrees we have been blessed with today!!!!!! I ♥ spring liek whoa.


New episodes of Supernatural start this next Thursday!!!!!! (eta: bwahahahaha, I didn't look too closely at the date, *is lame*) YAYES!!!!!!!!!!! 0mg, I'm so excited that teh pretty will be back!!!!! I'm going to Target tonight to buy the second season because I've realised not for the first time that I don't own it and SHOULD. WTF, self? For shame. I always miss the sales so if it's not on sale, I'm buying it anyway. To me, the show is worth whatever I have to spend on the DVDs. I still have "Jus in Bello" saved on my DVR. I need to watch that one more time before next Thursday! So much damn love for that episode! ♥

rambling about day ) Omgwtfever, I'm shutting up and enjoying what the rest of this day has left to offer.
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3 Good Things:
01.) The Purple Nurple being back home, safe and sound in the garage.
02.) Cinnamon coffee cake. Yummmm, I need to find a recipe and make my own!
03.) Joe Purdy's music. I've loved this man's voice for four years now. He has such a calming sound that washes over me.

I'm so happy it's Friday, despite the fact that I work all weekend. Thankfully only once downtown. I love working at the theatres, and for Jersey Boys, but I've been missing the café liek whoa, so I'm happy I work there all weekend long!

/Oh, I just realised that it is exactly two months today until my birthday. I don't feel like I should be in my mid-twenties.
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I went outside to fetch the garbage cans this morning. After getting inside I scratched out all my errand plans. I'm so not going out in this weather if I don't have to. Fuck, is it cold. I'm such a wimp. LOL.

3 Loves:
01.) My room!!!!! Rambling about my room )

02.) This dictionary site is 20,000x better than this dictionary site. The main reason being that I don't have to sign up or pay anything to hear the pronunciation of the words I am looking up. I'm loving it! Besides being a visual person, I also learn by sound. It's why I like to talk things out, so I can hear what it sounds like. If that makes sense. I also prefer talking to people because you can never clearly get your sense of humor or meaning across through writing, imo.

03.) October Road. I am almost done catching up with the show!!!! The torrent for the last aired eppy is almost done. This show is so much love!

October Road rambling, with pictures )

I'm disliking a few things right now )

I can finally watch October Road's 8th second season eppy!!!! I would have watched it already if it weren't for my DVR deleting it before I had a chance. Damn DVR. Heh.
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01.) I love turning on the Sci-Fi channel and seeing that my favourite Dark Angel S1 eppy is playing. Dude, "Pollo Loco" kicks so much ass.

02.) I also love Threadless. For the past few years, I've always just looked at and admired the t-shirts that are on that site, but today I finally decided to sign up and buy a few (they're having a $10 sale!!!). All in the name of treating myself to some belated birthday presents. Heh.

03.) Lastly, I love my fellow Mezheads for the lovely birthday wishes! It was awesome seeing that thread when I went over to the boards tonight. :)

Time to watch the rest of "Pollo Loco" before heading to bed.
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I'm heading into work shortly, but I just want to put down a few recent loves.

01.) I'm just listening to Gomez's b-side "Caravan", it is pure love. I don't know why they didn't put this on HWO, it's simply gorgeous. There is probably a reason behind why, but they seem to save some of their best songs for b-sides. "Touchin' Up" being a perfect example, imho.

02.) Seeing Aqualung tonight!!! I'm loving his new album!

03.) Being tempted to take a weekend trip down to Austin, TX, to visit friends and see Joseph Arthur live is going to be the death of me, but I want to go so bad. I'm thinking about it. TPTB know I need a break from my client.
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1.) Being CPR certified. Finally. :) I have my first aid training next Wednesday.

2.) Being told I'm one of the best PCAs. *blushes*

3.) Checking my account balance just now and noticing I have a lot more money than I originally thought. Dude, SCORE. I'm hoping I can get the rest of my X-mas shopping done this weekend.

Happy Weekend! ♥


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