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When did it approach so fast? It just means the slow season is just around the corner. YAYES!

We had 8 prints of HP6 (midnights only, drops down to 4 for regular business). They all sold out by 4pm yesterday. Then, at 10:30pm, they added two 3am shows. Yeah, that only did 37 or so, I think. I didn't look at the final numbers. If they had thought of it sooner they might have done better business but whatever.

I was called in to help at 11:30pm. I had a feeling I was going to be but I was hoping to be wrong. I wish I had gotten a picture of the parking lot. The only time I think the mall parking lot is that full is on Black Friday. And maybe not even then since we're not MoA.

It was a crazy night. I stayed to help clean and shut down the projectors because I knew the guys would just slag off otherwise. I got out of there at 4am-something. I didn't end up getting home until close to 5am.


Now I get to go back and work opening day. Fun. Double fisting coffee is in my future, I think.

I only watched the last 10-15 minutes of the film, but didn't hear much of the dialogue since I was watching from booth, next to our noisier-than-usual projector. I will watch it on Thursday or Friday (a.k.a. my days off!!!)
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It's 2 hours away from being 24 hours since I got the last HP book and I still haven't started reading it. I've opened it up, read the chapter titles (What the bloody blue fuck? An epilogue? Really? I HATE THOSE!) and smelled the book. But that's about it.

Yeah. I don't know what is wrong with me. I was more or less the same when it came to reading HBP (not OotP, though, I absorbed that in a day). Only difference there is that I slagged off for only 4 hours before I cracked open the book to actually read it.

The midnight show was the craziest one ever! )

Anyway, I'll probably start reading here shortly.

I've seen Hairspray two times already. Well, okay, more like one and three quarters. After my mom and I went and saw it yesterday afternoon, I went to visit MissMil at Crapmike (she got back from Bosnia last week). When Hairspray started, I went into the auditorium only intending to watch the trailers, hoping to see the August Rush trailer on a big screen again, and I kind of ended up staying to watch the majority of the movie. When MissMil's shift ended, she told me to stay since her ride was there. I'm horrible, and such a geek. Anyway, I love it!

You can fight it or you can rock out to it. )

I'll be seeing it a couple more times before it leaves the theatre, I hope.

The wedding I had today was actually not as horrible as I thought it was going to be. Still awkward, and my mom and I did feel like complete outsiders, but it was all good (good food). I survived and have been invited to a BBQ that is being held this coming Wednesday. We'll see, I guess.

*goes back to staring at her HP: DH book*

P.S. What the shit, not again, Gomez forums?!? >:( I fucking give up.
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You know, if I hadn't pre-ordered book 7 through Barnes & Noble, I would so do this:
This just sounds like fun! )

Oh well, I guess.

Hairspray fever is at an all-time high for me right now. The movie is finally coming out this Friday. :D I can't stop listening to/watching this:

I don't come cheap but the kisses come free )

Other things of interest:

The return of the bullet points )

Job hunting can still bite me.
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The midnight show was great. Crapmike sold out all screens (4 or 5 screens). The audience clapped and laughed at all the places I expected them to. I didn't really hear any sniffles from the crowd during that scene, though.

Anyway, I more than likely will recycle my thoughts from this post while adding more and rambling on about everything I can pull from my very full head of thoughts.

OotP spoiler musings, take two )

My last day of house and dog sitting is today. Tonight my family and I are going to go see the play 1776! I hear it's amazing! I have not seen the movie. :(

2 MORE DAYS until I leave for Austin. 3 MORE DAYS until all things GOMEZ! :D
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Bitch just dropped me back off at my cousin's place. We didn't start the movie until 3 A.M. We had to drive to a different Crapmike (DOUBLE the size of the Crapmike I worked at, holy. I like their projection booth a lot more!), which took a half hour to get to. It's where Bitch works now and he had stuff to do and that Crapmike was the only Crapmike of the 3 city theatres that had the prints ready to be previewed. Ahahaha, and there were these two male managers there, one blond and one dark brown haired and...erm, nevermind, fandom is only eating my brain. That's all. Moving along...

Spoiler filled musings )

ETA: Final edit at 5:36pm on 10 July 2007. I'm going to the public midnight showing tonight so I'll probably add on to my thoughts in another post.
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0MG, imho, this one is WAY BETTER than the international trailer. EEEE!
July 13th can't come soon enough! )
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So. I'm the last person to see these.

I'm just commenting on the NEW OotP photos!!!! )

Eh, that's all, I'm done.
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The movie itself: WOW! That's all I've got right now. The whole experience is one big faceless GLOB, roaming freely around in my head. It's been awhile since I've read the fourth book. Shame on me.

The other shit: I FUCKING HATE-you know what, scratch that. Not worth the rant.

That is all.
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I'm watching my local news right now and they just had a story about how the town RIGHT NEXT TO MINE - no really, the town is about 5 minutes away - had a showing of Goblet of Fire at their IMAX last night. Ummm...


How could I have NOT known about it?!??! *growls* *headdesk*
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I got a new default icon! About bloody time, IMO. Major props to [livejournal.com profile] fortunate_acdnt for making it and sharing it with so many people. =)

Anywho, there's a freaking snow storm going on outside my window. *snuggles with my blanket* I'll stay inside, thankyouverymuch. I would go out and play in the snow but I'm sick. Bleh!

Instead I've read fanfic. Mirror,Mirror by [livejournal.com profile] ladyvader. H/D, NC17, voyeurism, exhibitionism, first time. OMG, yumm! *fans self* Seriously. *falls over dead* It's just...GUH!

Random note: I still need to pre-order HBP. Erm, bad me.
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First dose of crack is in the form of just remembering a fond character from the PoA, Sir Cadogan! I think I'm the only one who thought he was hilarious. All my HP friends found him annoying. Yes, we saw a glimpse of him in the movie but it didn't capture the hilarity of that character, IMHO.

I always thought that (a drunken) Sean Connery would have been perfect for the role of Sir Cadogan. Call me crazy but that's what I thought. I don't know how or why I thought of him but when I would read the Sir Cadogan parts I would just picture a drunk Sean Connery. Every time I would picture that I would fall on my ass laughing.

*is a geek*
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I was just falling asleep when I heard Katie Couric say(cliff notes version), "Reveling of the cover to Harry Potter Book 6 in the first hour." Or something. I just heard Harry Potter and I was like, "WHAT!?!?!"

OMG. YAY! So of course I'm fully awake now, with the help of my coffee, and eagerly waiting the unveiling!

*runs around*
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Ahahaha, that wasn't right! Jay Leno just made some comparisons of Michael Jackson to Harry Potter & Severus Snape. It was wrong and hilarious at the same time.

ETA: Glenn Close! She has been a favorite actress of mine since I was a little girl. She's on The Shield?!? Cool.

0mg, Gerald Butler is freaking hilarious. He was telling this story about something that I wasn't really paying attention to, but all I hear is, "YEAH, WELL REMEMBER THE FACE THEN!" AHAHAHAHAHA, with his accent that line was so funny. The women in the audience went crazy over him.

A Jaguar commercial is using my favourite Kill Bill, Vol. 1 song that I use as my VM message for my cell phone. Awesome.
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I love this movie! Alfonso CuarĂ³n is love. Seriously.

I can try and think of a few things that I didn't like about the movie - *cough*PinkhoodieofDOOM*cough* - but I love MOST everything about it. :)

I've been up for 21 hours and just want to be in my bed.
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Crapmike got the PoA trailer!


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