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2010 better be awesome.

Happy New Year!
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Christmas snuck up on me this year and I have no idea how or why. Yeah, the years go by faster as you get older, but this year has been an odd one so I didn't see Christmas coming up so fast until last week.

Our Christmas movie outing this year was Seven Pounds. I kinda wish it hadn't been but oh well. I just wonder why ... ) Ugh, it was ok.

What is up with the current crop of movies either being three hours long or feeling even longer than their two and half hour running time? Oy.

I have to close at the movie theater tonight. Joy. We just got back from my theater (we debated going to Crapmike). It was INSANE. And it doesn't help that the design of the building SUCKS And the owners are there playing "work" And I never worked Christmas at Crapmike so I just hope that it will die down some this evening. I doubt it but one can dream.

Happy Christmas!
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I had such a nice day off yesterday, and was planning on enjoying another one today, but was roped into working because a) when a co-worker is sick, one should help out and b) I need the money. So, yeah, there was no chillaxing at home for me today. I shouldn't be bitching, next month is looking horribly bare from both jobs. :( Next goal: Get a FT job, STAT!

I'm just rambling on about a year-long goal I've had )

The BOO:
I have to usher a concert on New Year's Eve. This depresses me because it has been tradition in my house for years to stay in, eat Chinese and watch movies on New Year's Eve. I don't want to work. I especially don't want to work downtown and be polite to drunk people. *headwall*

That is all. I'm off to watch another movie before I have to rest up for another day at the cafe tomorrow, then tomorrow night is for spending time with my father and his side of the family for a late Xmas! :)

Happy Weekend to all.
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Hope the holidays have treated everyone out there fabulously!

Mother Nature gifted Minnesotans with MORE snow. How kind of her.

I got some awesome gifts this year. More will be coming this weekend when I celebrate with my father and his family. Good times.

Happy Holidays!
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I'm dead bored.

What I'm currently loving )

On aside: I haven't even purchased holiday cards yet. I need and want them sent out no later than next Monday. The bookstore has some great looking ones in packages of 20 (?) or so. I might buy them through work (and get a discount to boot) instead of going to Target, like I had with my Halloween and Thanksgiving cards. I've made a small dent in my shopping for actual holiday gifts. Most everyone I know wants a gift card. Heh. Makes my life easier. I don't have to buy anything until the last moment, YAY!

And that is all I have for now.


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