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However, I've had it since 2004 so I can't delete it.

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I became addicted to Tumblr last fall so that's where I usually am nowadays.

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This time last week I was just waking up and getting breakfast in sunny Mexico, and now I'm back home, where snow is predicted for the next five days. LOL, love it.

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Happy Friday!
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I don't work until 4pm tonight at the café so I've decided to revel in my nightowl tendencies. The Dr. Pepper might have something to do with. Yeah, so, I'm a bit hyper. And bored.

Before I start: ALL NEW SN EPPYS START TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

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I should wind down so I can catch some decent shut eye before doing errands and going into work later.
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I would be happy that the weekend is here if I had something to do outside from working both jobs the whole time. Eh, a social life? What is that? Heh.

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Alright, I have to finish cleaning before I run off to do my errands and go into work.
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I know Last.FM keeps track of the concerts you go to. When you actually log in and list them, that is. I'm on LJ more so I'm keeping a goal list of the number of concerts I attend here. I'm aiming for 50 because I doubt that I'll be able to afford more than that. But who knows, I've surprised myself in the past when it comes to what concerts I've been able to go to when I originally thought they were lost causes.

35 Concerts in 2008 )

I'm going to St. Vincent with family tonight so that will be #2 for the year. :)
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I still haven't decided on the number of episodes I want to aim for watching this year, but I wanted to get started on my list, so I'll fill that in when I've decided on a reasonable number.

I also wish I could just organize them better, but the basic list will have to do for now.

I watched Oprah with my grandma on the 15th, but I don't know if I should include that or not. Eh, I'll leave it off for now.
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Alright, off to stay with my dad and stepmom for a couple of days.
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First random-filled entry of 2008, YAYES!


List of :
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Ok. Bed.
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A new year, a 100 new movies to watch!

100 Movies in 2008 )
Last Updated: 23 Aug 08

I will be keeping lists at listography.com from now on.
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I am FINISHED with my 100102 in 2007!!!!!!!!!! (I watched two TV-type films early on in my list so I compensated)

Now I am off to work a damn NYE concert downtown.

I hope everyone out there has a happy, safe and fun New Year's Eve! ♥
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I think I'll be taking in a double feature at Crapmike tonight. I am going to watch I Am Legend and No Country for Old Men. They'll be my 96th and 97th movies for my list.

I'll probably attack more of the DVDs and DVR recorded movies when I get home from Crapmike. I've got so many that I'll have a nice pile of movies to start the New Year off with!

I loved this list so much that I'm going to do it again next year! It's a nice goal of getting back into my movie whore ways, and getting off my ass out of the house and back into the theatre. I might even try this type of list with other things, like books and concerts or something. Maybe not 100, but some number I think is appropriate. We'll see.
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I'm dead bored.

What I'm currently loving )

On aside: I haven't even purchased holiday cards yet. I need and want them sent out no later than next Monday. The bookstore has some great looking ones in packages of 20 (?) or so. I might buy them through work (and get a discount to boot) instead of going to Target, like I had with my Halloween and Thanksgiving cards. I've made a small dent in my shopping for actual holiday gifts. Most everyone I know wants a gift card. Heh. Makes my life easier. I don't have to buy anything until the last moment, YAY!

And that is all I have for now.
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I'm drained, and I only worked 8 hours today. Yay.

Randomness for Friday, 12 October 2007:
01.) I FINALLY opened up another savings account. I use to have one a long time ago, but then my teenage years hit and that was the end of my savings account. Heh. Anyway, I've been using my checking as as default savings, however that isn't productive to what I want to accomplish in terms of future financial goals.

02.) Women's Murder Club premieres on ABC tonight at 8pm/ct (so, in 8 minutes). Yes, I do read the James Patterson book series that the show is based on. All I can say is that I dearly hope this show is better than the awful NBC TV movie that aired a few years ago.

03.) After working an 8 hour shift tomorrow at the cafe, I get to work a 7 hour shift (er, or about that) at the theatre job. YAY. No, really, YAY! I get to work the Jim Gaffigan show tomorrow!!!!!!!! :D

04.) Five favourite songs at the moment are:
    01.) "Go Places" - The New Pornographers
    02.) "Windowsill" - Arcade Fire
    03.) "My Oldest Memory" - Bowerbirds
    04.) "The View" - Garden Grows
    05.) "Good Days" - Joe Purdy

05.) I covet these two pairs of boots. COVET. Piperlime.com is not a good place for me to visit.
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I already know this to be true, but life moves on after vacations, no matter how much your mind rebels. Sad but so very true.

Moving on...

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I have to work at the cafe in the morning so I probably should hit the sack.
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I woke up at 6 am with a stomach ache and couldn't fall back to sleep. I fell asleep before 1 am so I got some well rested sleep. It's all good.

Music, TV, movies and Broadway notes:
01.) After re-listening to The New Pornographers new album, Challengers, I have to say this: The New Pornographers album >>>>>>>> Rilo Kiley album. :| I love the new Rilo Kiley album, I do, but The New Pornographers album is a consistently more awesome album. I actually enjoy all of the songs instead of skipping to my favourites, like I have already started to do with Under The Blacklight. :( And MTG just gave me zips of both albums! I ♥ him!!!

02.) I'm still shocked about Kristen Bell being added to the Heroes cast. I don't know how I honestly feel about it yet. I LOVED Veronica Mars, but I was getting annoyed at the end there. Nothing to do with Kristen Bell's acting or anything, but with how the show was turning out as a whole. Maybe seeing her in something not related to VM will help. I hope so.

03.) I got my copy of EW's Fall Movie Preview issue last Friday. REESE! I don't care what others say about her, I adore her. I have adored her since I saw Freeway way back when. Then Pleasantville came out (I ADORE THAT MOVIE MORE THAN IS HEALTHY) and that pretty much cemented my love for her and Tobey Maguire (I love how Tobey Maguire was in a small scene in Reese Witherspoon's horrible movie, S.F.W.!). I'm not keen on all of her movies, mind, but she is overall one of my favourite actresses. I can't wait to see what her new movie, Rendition, with Meryl Streep will be like. Meryl Streep is another favourite of mine.

Fall movie rambling )

05.) I want to live in NYC and see all the Broadway I can. *is listening to Wicked for the trillionth time* I need to get my hands on so many other Broadway soundtracks, especially the soundtracks of the musicals that I will be seeing this year!!!!
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I start my second day at the new job in six hours. I can't sleep. Fun shit.

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I think it's time to go count sheep.
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I'm heading into work shortly, but I just want to put down a few recent loves.

01.) I'm just listening to Gomez's b-side "Caravan", it is pure love. I don't know why they didn't put this on HWO, it's simply gorgeous. There is probably a reason behind why, but they seem to save some of their best songs for b-sides. "Touchin' Up" being a perfect example, imho.

02.) Seeing Aqualung tonight!!! I'm loving his new album!

03.) Being tempted to take a weekend trip down to Austin, TX, to visit friends and see Joseph Arthur live is going to be the death of me, but I want to go so bad. I'm thinking about it. TPTB know I need a break from my client.
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I've decided to get back to my movie whore roots, and I want to start keeping a record of what I've seen, so I'm going to try to remember to do this...

100 Movies in 2007 )
Last Updated: 31 Dec 07
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1.) Being CPR certified. Finally. :) I have my first aid training next Wednesday.

2.) Being told I'm one of the best PCAs. *blushes*

3.) Checking my account balance just now and noticing I have a lot more money than I originally thought. Dude, SCORE. I'm hoping I can get the rest of my X-mas shopping done this weekend.

Happy Weekend! ♥
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In other news:
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I have a date with my lovely bed that I do not want to be late for.


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