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I have Monday-Wednesday off next week!

Before Fox Searchlight added a Mpls screening (which is booked), I RSVP'ed for two tickets to the Milwaukee one, which takes place next Tuesday!

Yes, I know I am a crazy geek. Yes, I know the movie comes out three days after next Tuesday, but to select theaters. Who cares? I get a road trip and a date with my friend Dani!!! :D :D :D

I'm super excited for this movie, even more so after I spent last weekend watching nothing but roller derby!!

/I am hoping to start volunteering with the roller derby teams here in MN, too!!

EDIT: 01.) The MN roller derby teams are full for volunteers. Woe
02.) Whip It is an AWESOME movie!!! Seen it twice now.
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When did it approach so fast? It just means the slow season is just around the corner. YAYES!

We had 8 prints of HP6 (midnights only, drops down to 4 for regular business). They all sold out by 4pm yesterday. Then, at 10:30pm, they added two 3am shows. Yeah, that only did 37 or so, I think. I didn't look at the final numbers. If they had thought of it sooner they might have done better business but whatever.

I was called in to help at 11:30pm. I had a feeling I was going to be but I was hoping to be wrong. I wish I had gotten a picture of the parking lot. The only time I think the mall parking lot is that full is on Black Friday. And maybe not even then since we're not MoA.

It was a crazy night. I stayed to help clean and shut down the projectors because I knew the guys would just slag off otherwise. I got out of there at 4am-something. I didn't end up getting home until close to 5am.


Now I get to go back and work opening day. Fun. Double fisting coffee is in my future, I think.

I only watched the last 10-15 minutes of the film, but didn't hear much of the dialogue since I was watching from booth, next to our noisier-than-usual projector. I will watch it on Thursday or Friday (a.k.a. my days off!!!)
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By some amazing chance of fate, I am (FINALLY) seeing (500) Days of Summer (a.k.a. my favourite movie I have yet to see) tonight!!

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I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine tonight after work. One word: lame. It was about showing off what could be done with special effects/the characters' abilities (probably the whole point). The guy playing Gambit sure was nice on the eyes, though. Heh. I recommend to always go for the shallow when a movie isn't worth much else. But, to be fair, he was awesome as Gambit and I thought he wasn't on long enough.

In saying all that, I will be watching the movie two more times this week )

I have to fill out and hand in my availability form for my downtown job. I, uh, kinda forgot about it. Oops.
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Yesterday, projectionists everywhere cursed Paramount when they got their prints of Star Trek because Paramount locked the canisters. Pointless and stupid*. Don't they realise that not only are projectionists film geeks but are also (most likely) Star Trek nerds?

I mean, come on, they're going to take the time to crack the code themselves. Duh.

It wasn't long after 7pm last night that my co-worker found the lock code on a film tech site. Awesome. Our boss still wouldn't let us preview last night, though. He wouldn't allow it until after 7am today since Paramount wasn't giving the lock codes until then.

So, I'm off to pump myself full with coffee - since I didn't get home until 2am but I'm a coffee whore so whatever - and watch a movie about a TV show that I hardly ever watched. Why? I find the trailers that freaking awesome.

*Besides, it was IDIOTIC for Paramount to lock the canisters since shows start tonight anyway. Fail, Paramount, fail!

ETA - 9:40am: my co-worker and I loved the movie!


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