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However, I've had it since 2004 so I can't delete it.

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I became addicted to Tumblr last fall so that's where I usually am nowadays.

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This time last week I was just waking up and getting breakfast in sunny Mexico, and now I'm back home, where snow is predicted for the next five days. LOL, love it.

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Happy Friday!
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But, shhh, don't tell my boss at the movie theater....I kinda backed out on the concerts I told him I was going to tonight and tomorrow, and the reason I couldn't work the hell that is HSM3 this weekend. I didn't lie. I had fully planned on going to those concerts, even though I didn't have tickets, but I'm burned out and need to recharge before I'm constantly on the go once more.

Wicked starts early next month and I requested to work as many shows as I could! :D The downtown job that was pretty dead all summer has finally gotten crazy busy again. I will probably die from constantly shuffling between all three jobs with no down time to myself, but that is what my life is right now, I guess. No, I should say that is what I chose my life to be right now.

What will keep me going? The lovely picture of wasting some time on a beach in Mexico, soaking up the sun and sipping mojitos with my family during Thanksgiving week!!!

For now, I'm going to visit with my mom and grandma, eat Chinese, and watch a movie. Wow, I can't believe I can actually say I have time to do that!!

P.S. I adore everything in this shop!!
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I was watching L&O Mothership with my mom tonight when she told me that this was Jesse L. Martin's last episode. I was all like, "WTF, really?!!!! He can do more singing now!" :D But then I said, "Oh, wait, he should just go on over and join L&O: SVU and be doubly hot with Christopher Meloni!" It would totally get me watching SVU again. Heh. (sidenote: I am totally going to be watching the Robin Williams guest star eppy that is next week...er, I think.)

I've always thought Jesse L. Martin hot, but he was extra fucking hot in tonight's episode. 0mg, serious. I didn't know I could cry and drool at the same time until I watched the end of tonight's episode. Haha, I is a geek, yes.

In other news: I spent most of the afternoon and evening with TT and Bode. I've missed that spaz pup so much!!! TT and I got to have long conversations about everything and nothing, it was fantastic. I don't think I've ever been able to talk so openly and candidly with anyone in my family like I can with TT, not even my mom or sister, which, yeah, is sad. TT listens without judgment and gives fresh perspective and avenues of thinking, my mom and sister aren't as willing to think outside of the box, so to speak. If that makes any sense at all.

I hope to spend more time with both TT and Bode as soon as I get back to my regularly scheduled life. :)

ETA - 11:09pm: Apparently, snow is predicted for this weekend. If true: 0mfg, Mother Nature, stop with the hate already. But I really hope the weather people are talking out of their asses again. *crosses fingers* We've been getting some solid great weather, minus the thunderstorm we needed on Monday, since last week. I want it to stay longer, please and thank you!
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I'm home, yay! *hugs her room* I love dog and house sitting, but after a week of (basically) working three jobs (almost) everyday is tiring.

If I could drop down on my bed right now and sleep until I have to work at the cafe tomorrow morning, I so would.

However, I am going shopping and seeing Sweeney Todd (again) with a theatre co-worker before we go downtown and work the final night of Sweeney Todd (this production is so full of MEH).

It is now that I wish I had the first three days of the week off, that way I could catch up on my sleep. Woe.
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I went outside to fetch the garbage cans this morning. After getting inside I scratched out all my errand plans. I'm so not going out in this weather if I don't have to. Fuck, is it cold. I'm such a wimp. LOL.

3 Loves:
01.) My room!!!!! Rambling about my room )

02.) This dictionary site is 20,000x better than this dictionary site. The main reason being that I don't have to sign up or pay anything to hear the pronunciation of the words I am looking up. I'm loving it! Besides being a visual person, I also learn by sound. It's why I like to talk things out, so I can hear what it sounds like. If that makes sense. I also prefer talking to people because you can never clearly get your sense of humor or meaning across through writing, imo.

03.) October Road. I am almost done catching up with the show!!!! The torrent for the last aired eppy is almost done. This show is so much love!

October Road rambling, with pictures )

I'm disliking a few things right now )

I can finally watch October Road's 8th second season eppy!!!! I would have watched it already if it weren't for my DVR deleting it before I had a chance. Damn DVR. Heh.
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I had such a nice day off yesterday, and was planning on enjoying another one today, but was roped into working because a) when a co-worker is sick, one should help out and b) I need the money. So, yeah, there was no chillaxing at home for me today. I shouldn't be bitching, next month is looking horribly bare from both jobs. :( Next goal: Get a FT job, STAT!

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The BOO:
I have to usher a concert on New Year's Eve. This depresses me because it has been tradition in my house for years to stay in, eat Chinese and watch movies on New Year's Eve. I don't want to work. I especially don't want to work downtown and be polite to drunk people. *headwall*

That is all. I'm off to watch another movie before I have to rest up for another day at the cafe tomorrow, then tomorrow night is for spending time with my father and his side of the family for a late Xmas! :)

Happy Weekend to all.
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I'm dead bored.

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On aside: I haven't even purchased holiday cards yet. I need and want them sent out no later than next Monday. The bookstore has some great looking ones in packages of 20 (?) or so. I might buy them through work (and get a discount to boot) instead of going to Target, like I had with my Halloween and Thanksgiving cards. I've made a small dent in my shopping for actual holiday gifts. Most everyone I know wants a gift card. Heh. Makes my life easier. I don't have to buy anything until the last moment, YAY!

And that is all I have for now.
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Nothing much to report on from the past six weeks, hence why I haven't really been using my LJ.

I wish I could say I've been out OCD'ing all over life's ass, but the truth is that I am just getting by. I've basically been going through the motions of working, sleeping, eating, reading, and watching TV and movies. Rinse and repeat.

I know I can be better than how I currently am. I just have to find my confidence and determination again. I'm pretty sure it has gotten lost in all the crap I have dumped on myself.

So. Yeah. I'm just trying to figure some stuff out.

P.S. Today is only the second real snowfall, but I'm already sick of it. I'm beyond ready for a geographical relocation.
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I got home at 12:30 this morning after working both jobs (roughly 13 hours combined).

Usually, after I get home from work I tend to fight my tiredness to get some stuff done, read, watch TV, or go online. That didn't happen this time. After changing into my PJs, it took all of a minute for me to go to bed. I was out shortly after my head hit the pillow.

I had set my alarm clock for 10 or 11 am because I didn't want to sleep the whole day away, like I have done too many times in the past but haven't done so lately. Yeah, I totally just woke up a half hour ago. *facepalm*

I must of needed the sleep or something, but that doesn't stop me from feeling lazy and shitty now.
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My older sister just called me from the Smashing Pumpkins concert. I didn't go and she called me to let me listen to a bit of it. Awww.

Then she told me that she is going to buy me a ticket to the Modest Mouse concert that takes place in December, as a late birthday present (she promised a shopping spree in Chicago that never happened). Hahahaha, I told her I already bought myself a ticket, but then she told me she would pay me back. Hee. Then she is all like, "We'll go together, you can sleep over and all that fun stuff!"

LOL, my sister is only openly affectionate, fun-loving and a darling like that when she has had a few drinks. Ah, the power of alcohol.

This entry brought to LJ by an amused mirsiri.
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I am drop dead fred tired, yo.

It doesn't help that I only managed two and a half hours of sleep last night, though. So, you know, my bad.

But, hey, I survived!!!! :D

P.S. I definitely won't be mastering all the training in a week, like I did with my most awesome projectionist job. This makes me sad. :(
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I start my second day at the new job in six hours. I can't sleep. Fun shit.

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I think it's time to go count sheep.
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It's 2 hours away from being 24 hours since I got the last HP book and I still haven't started reading it. I've opened it up, read the chapter titles (What the bloody blue fuck? An epilogue? Really? I HATE THOSE!) and smelled the book. But that's about it.

Yeah. I don't know what is wrong with me. I was more or less the same when it came to reading HBP (not OotP, though, I absorbed that in a day). Only difference there is that I slagged off for only 4 hours before I cracked open the book to actually read it.

The midnight show was the craziest one ever! )

Anyway, I'll probably start reading here shortly.

I've seen Hairspray two times already. Well, okay, more like one and three quarters. After my mom and I went and saw it yesterday afternoon, I went to visit MissMil at Crapmike (she got back from Bosnia last week). When Hairspray started, I went into the auditorium only intending to watch the trailers, hoping to see the August Rush trailer on a big screen again, and I kind of ended up staying to watch the majority of the movie. When MissMil's shift ended, she told me to stay since her ride was there. I'm horrible, and such a geek. Anyway, I love it!

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I'll be seeing it a couple more times before it leaves the theatre, I hope.

The wedding I had today was actually not as horrible as I thought it was going to be. Still awkward, and my mom and I did feel like complete outsiders, but it was all good (good food). I survived and have been invited to a BBQ that is being held this coming Wednesday. We'll see, I guess.

*goes back to staring at her HP: DH book*

P.S. What the shit, not again, Gomez forums?!? >:( I fucking give up.
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I'm house and dog sitting at my cousin's house til Wednesday (I started yesterday). My cousin and her husband have gone on vacation to a place that doesn't allow dogs. Aww, that sucks. Anywawy, this gig is something different, and a temp. job for a few days.

Their computer is bitchin' slow, however, so I brought a bunch of DVDs, books, and music over to keep me company. :)

Coming up this week. )

Bed now. I have to be on the dog's schedule. Hahaha.

P.S. I watched an episode of Burn Notice yesterday afternoon and I FUCKING LOVE IT! Bruce Campbell FTW!
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MTG and I were chatting on AIM last night. Like always, he was sharing what he reads over on Something Awful with me. This time he was IM'ing me tidbits from a thread entitled "Freudian Slips. I said what now!?". Too funny.


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Both my mom and I are sick. We make such a pair. Heh.

I just want to sleep for the rest of the day. Just one problem, I'm not tired.

:| :(
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My Northwest/Petaluma Gomez adventure is best summed up with this awesome video that a friend made:
I'm feeling all nostalgic now )

Work notes and migraine related rambling )

Rambling more about Gomez-related stuffs )

Alright, I'm gonna finish this last part of this Roswell eppy before I head back to bed.
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I got back a half hour ago from working a 12.5 hour shift.

I start an 8 hour shift in 2 hours.

Coffee. In IV. STAT.
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I was quite picspam-happy in the MM thread over on TWoP, wasn't I? Jeesh, I look back now and wish someone would have stopped me, I must have been SO.DAMN.ANNOYING. *facepalm*

It's a good thing I don't go there anymore. Demian probably forbids it now so it's a moot point anyway, but I'm staying away just to be safe.

I am such a dork.

*is not saving the pics to my photobucket for future use* I should have done so when I was making the picspams (well, I actually did with some), but I was one of those hotlinking idiots back then. Oy.

To add actual content to this post: I'm sick. I took some cold meds and am about to head back to bed for a few more hours before I decide if I'm able to go into work today at all. I'm actually hoping I am able (Wow, I really am sick). Besides detesting being sick, I can't afford to miss a day of work this pay period. It's the last pay period before my trip, so every last hour counts right now.

Bed now.


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