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I have been home for a week now and have gotten back in the swing of my daily rountine. It's been ok, I guess. Work is the same yet somehow worse. Awesome. Oh well, must make do.

few trip notes )

I have the next three days off work so I think I am going to go back to work and finally see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight!
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I'm still dead tired. And I've had coffee. What the shit?

Best Weekend EVAH! )

Alright, I think....it's job hunting time. Joygasm.
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I'm dead tired, yo. Spending the weekend in Chicago was so much fun. Wicked was AMAZING! The Dark Knight was filming in the building next to our hotel. We didn't see anybody. Woe. I got sunburned. It hurts. A lot. Oy.

I watched the last half of the premiere of John From Cincinnati earlier. I forgot that it premiered tonight. Damn. Just another TV show I probably won't get the time to watch. It looks interesting, though. The actor who plays John is Austin Nichols. All I remember him from is The Day After Tomorrow and Wimbledon. I love that Luis Guzmán, Ed O'Neill, Luke Perry, Willie Garson and Little Miss Sunshine's Pageant MC Matt Winston are in the show! I'll have to catch the encore at Midnight.

I just hope I can stay awake for another hour.

Where I get sidetracked by more TV )

The prospect of unpacking is...unappealing.
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I thought I wouldn't be able to go to the 2 Chicago Gomez shows this weekend, but then an opportunity came my way 2 hours ago and I jumped on it!

I leave for Chicago this afternoon. :D

Eeeeee, I have to go pack.
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I got back last night. I don't have to work until Friday so I'm just chillaxing right now (though I do have to get my butt in gear here shortly).

The Northwest agrees with me so damn nicely. After I live in Europe for a few years (hee), I definitely think I would move to the Northwest for good. I love and adore this here state of mine, I do, but it just pales in comparison right now to what I got to see these past 5 days.

I got to meet so many awesome people from the boards. It was, in Josh's words, FANTASTIC. All of the shows were fucking amazing, utterly brilliant. The guys were in top form, they just rocked the shit out of their sets each night (even when they were wiped out with jet lag the first night in Seattle). Guh, fantastic! Yeah, there was some negative shit here and there, but all in all, the whole trip was AWESOME!

Petaluma had to be my favourite night of all, though. It was the last night, the most board members met up, our antics and jokes and fun stuff came out that night, THEY PLAYED "ROSALITA", and just a great fucking vibe and energy was coming from the whole crowd. Plus, I FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY got to see Joe Purdy perform live (how did I NOT know that he had put 2 more albums out already?!?!?! That is so awesome!). Gomez had been co-headlining with Ben Kweller (who looks all of 12, but in actuality is in his late 20's, married and with a kid) the first 3 nights, but they're breaking apart for a few gigs, thus why Joe Purdy is opening for Gomez. SWEET, I wish I could go to all the shows that Joe Purdy is playing, but I got one GREAT NIGHT so it's all good.

Anyway, I must hand in my timecard before the agency closes today.
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It is almost time.

I leave in 5 hours.

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I'm enjoying ANOTHER ABC Family original TV series.

And, in my opinion, this one is better than the other.

0mg, someone needs to de-brainwash me. Pronto.

In other news: 4 DAY UNTIL I AM FREE FOR 6 DAYS!! I just have to get through working double shifts (working for both clients this week) and then I'm off to the West Coast. *bounce* I'm so damn excited. :D
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My random ramblings on SAG awards, with pics )

In non-SAG news:
  • I think I'm getting sick. My throat does not feel good right now. Ugh, I detest being sick just as much as I detest starting another week in isolated hell. :( I hope getting some more rest will help. *crosses fingers*
  • I need to get cracking on some work-related shit this next week. If I don't, I will go insane and do something I will probably regret. :|
  • West Coast Gomez Trip 2007 in 18 days! :D :D :D :D *bounce*
  • I found the complete 2nd season of a certain ABC Family channel original TV show I've been watching, and liking, thanks to my job. Only thing, I haven't seen the 1st season yet. The 3rd season is airing right now, which I've been watching every Monday night before 24. What is wrong with me? This show is like the menarded little sister of every teen drama that the WB was famous for churning out. Oy. This show has become a sickness.
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    After a few false starts, I'm gone!!!

    (and I've decided I'm not coming back either...hee)

    Total GIP, too! Courtsey of [livejournal.com profile] swirlinicons.

    *hugs* Happy Week to all!
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    ...I still haven't packed.

    Yeeeah, I'm one of those people.

    Fun stuff.


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