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Tonight's Dollhouse?


Mind. Blown.
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Making a few comments about "Sex and Violence".

Sex and Violence )

Okay...going to go watch that episode again now.
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I finally watched the last three episodes of Pushing Daisies, grudgingly on the ABC site. My cable has being a real bitch lately, and the episodes were recorded with the sound and image cutting in and out every three seconds. But I. digress.

The last three episodes have shown more than ever why this show should NOT be canceled! They were so hilarious and touching, and all three have left me smiling.

This show is pure joy. And ABC is the Grinch for taking it away!

Pushing Daisies comments )

And that is all I've got.

I lie, total sidenote: Gossip Girl )
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I just read that Pushing Daisies has been cancelled.

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I didn't have time to make this trivial entry before work so here it is now, after work!

TV ramblings...might edit with more later )

RL ramblings )

Ok, I think it's time for bed.
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ZOMG, Supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Besides the major WTF-ness to Jack Davenport's American accent, I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot of Swingtown. YAYES for it finally airing! :P

Other thoughts )

In other boring news: I have delayed getting my haircut until Monday. The weather was utter shit tonight and I didn't feel like going out again after getting home from my three hour café shift. Work was pretty awesome, despite the fact that we had rushes on and off while I was there. I cleaned the beverage case and rearranged it to the plan-o-gram, letting my inner organized clean freak come out to play. :) Hmm, besides that, I got caught up with SYTYCD (haven't watched this week's episodes yet, though) and got back into the habit of drawing shoddy house floor plans. When I was in Jr. High, right after we had to draw the floor plans to our houses in Tech. class, I fell in love with drafting. I'm complete shit at it, mind, but I enjoy it nonetheless.


Before I watch yesterday and today's SYTYCD episodes, I wanted to mention a few things about the episodes I have watched.


Alright, off to watch this week's SYTYCD episodes!!! ♥
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Laundry is the bane of my existence. Ugh.

So, as a distraction, I watched two season finales today.

01.) Gossip Girl was first.

We're gathered here today to watch this man and this woman...totally eff things up. )

02.) Brothers & Sisters. I watched both EP15 and the finale.

The writers need to step away from the crack )

Alright, back to laundry.
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I keep forgetting, and am constantly amazed, that I can rewind live TV.

Case in point: tonight, just a bit ago in fact, I was all bummed that I missed the beginning of David Letterman interviewing Kevin Spacey until the end, when it hit me: I CAN REWIND LIVE TV.

*facepalm* We've only had the DVR since....well, damn, uh, late last year or early this year? IDEK anymore.

Yeah, the simple things amaze me. :P

ETA: Sad, I just made a Kevin Spacey tag for the first time. WTF self? I adore that man, yet that is the first time I've fangirled him on here? Or maybe I have, but I just haven't tagged all my entries yet? *shrugs* Whatever, I have to finish with today's pictures.
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Two hour shifts are hilariously awesome, 0mg! XD

Anywho....I work all weekend, but what is new? Heh.

Three things:
01.) I watched two S2 episodes of Brothers & Sisters. Yeah, I'm still in love with the hilariously crazy and drunk Walkers. ♥ I'm coming down from my hyper high so that is all I have to say about the show for now.

Hell, I don't know how I'm going to survive the concert tonight. I should nap, but I have to finish my to-do list. 0mgwtf, moving on...

02.) I've seen a photo meme floating about for awhile now. I only have a point and shoot camera, but why should that stop me from trying the meme out? It'll give me something to do besides sit around the house on my days off of work. Heh. I started taking photos today so I guess today, the 16th, is my start date. I'll post them in the wee hours of tomorrow, since I doubt I'll be getting home from the concert before Midnight.

The meme rules )

03.) So, in my Maccabees excitement, I totally bought an EP that I thought was theirs, but it turns out that it is a different band with the same name. LMAOOOO. Wow, I should have looked more closely at the release date. I usually do, but, like I mentioned, I was too excited. The EP belongs to an indie band, fronted by a woman, from the late 90's. It is not the Maccabees that Ryn turned me onto, but they're still good, imo. Different, but good.

Alright, I have to go get ready for the Teitur concert!!!! :D
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..... )
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Change of plans, I'm taking in Crapmike's last show of Iron Man tonight, after the Supernatural finale. I thought I would get to spend enough time with MissMil before I went to the 4:15pm showing, but I didn't so I decided to spend quality social time with MissMil, since it has been awhile since we last chatted. I was also going to visit my dad and stepmom today, but I've moved that tomorrow before the Teitur concert. It's all good.

Few things:
01.) TV:
  • Women's Murder Club - The show had the potential to be great, and better than the source material, but it just didn't. Oh well, just another defunct show to be added to the long list of dead shows that could have been better. Bye, WMC, you were enjoyable enough while you lasted.

  • No, we're very smart. )

    02.) Music stuffs: I bought The Maccabees album off of iTunes today. I'm loving them so far. :D I think it was Ryn raving about them on the Mez boards that got me interested in checking them out. :)

    03.) Work stuffs: I have two shifts at the theatres next month. Excuse me... )

    Supernatural S3 finale NOW!
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    It is Supernatural S3 Finale Day!!! :D I should probably watch last week's episode before tonight, though. Heh.

    List of five )

    I think I'm going to watch last week's Supernatural then get out to visit MissMil and see Iron Man for a second time!!!
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    I fucking love Gossip Girl, 0mg!!!!!

    I just finished watching last night's episode and I am all :DDDDDDDDDDDD!

    Youtube vids under cut )

    Shipment day hours changed. I work Noon to 4pm on Wednesdays now. Which will be fun when I have to be downtown by 5:45pm. LOL.
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    It is a blah Tuesday outside.

    List of five )

    I have to stop wasting time now. I work and get to watch The Flight of the Conchords concert tonight. Maybe, I'll feel better once I get going.
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    Why do I even bother watching and trying to get invested in television shows while they're on air? I always get behind, and with no catching up in sight. Always.

    Examples )

    Don't even get me started on movies. I didn't watch any movies last month. And I only watched one back in March. And now that May is here? Yeah, the big Summer Blockbuster movies are starting to roll out. Iron Man opens today. Ugh, I bet I won't see half of the movies this summer. I guess this is why BTA is a good thing to have. If only I would actually use it. Heh.

    Rambling about life stuffs )

    I should sleep, I somehow made this a semi-serious post when all I wanted to do was whine about silly, superficial bullshit.
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    I was watching L&O Mothership with my mom tonight when she told me that this was Jesse L. Martin's last episode. I was all like, "WTF, really?!!!! He can do more singing now!" :D But then I said, "Oh, wait, he should just go on over and join L&O: SVU and be doubly hot with Christopher Meloni!" It would totally get me watching SVU again. Heh. (sidenote: I am totally going to be watching the Robin Williams guest star eppy that is next week...er, I think.)

    I've always thought Jesse L. Martin hot, but he was extra fucking hot in tonight's episode. 0mg, serious. I didn't know I could cry and drool at the same time until I watched the end of tonight's episode. Haha, I is a geek, yes.

    In other news: I spent most of the afternoon and evening with TT and Bode. I've missed that spaz pup so much!!! TT and I got to have long conversations about everything and nothing, it was fantastic. I don't think I've ever been able to talk so openly and candidly with anyone in my family like I can with TT, not even my mom or sister, which, yeah, is sad. TT listens without judgment and gives fresh perspective and avenues of thinking, my mom and sister aren't as willing to think outside of the box, so to speak. If that makes any sense at all.

    I hope to spend more time with both TT and Bode as soon as I get back to my regularly scheduled life. :)

    ETA - 11:09pm: Apparently, snow is predicted for this weekend. If true: 0mfg, Mother Nature, stop with the hate already. But I really hope the weather people are talking out of their asses again. *crosses fingers* We've been getting some solid great weather, minus the thunderstorm we needed on Monday, since last week. I want it to stay longer, please and thank you!
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    First and foremost:
    I've mentioned this to her a few times already, even catching her on the phone for a bit (see, Ryn, I can call people!! :D), but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYN! ♥!!! I'm glad you took the day off from your stupid job and are treating yourself to a concert! You better have enjoyed yourself!!!!!! *hugs*

    I don't care that we have a wind advisory, the sun is shinning, and through the wind you can feel the heat of the 60-something degrees we have been blessed with today!!!!!! I ♥ spring liek whoa.


    New episodes of Supernatural start this next Thursday!!!!!! (eta: bwahahahaha, I didn't look too closely at the date, *is lame*) YAYES!!!!!!!!!!! 0mg, I'm so excited that teh pretty will be back!!!!! I'm going to Target tonight to buy the second season because I've realised not for the first time that I don't own it and SHOULD. WTF, self? For shame. I always miss the sales so if it's not on sale, I'm buying it anyway. To me, the show is worth whatever I have to spend on the DVDs. I still have "Jus in Bello" saved on my DVR. I need to watch that one more time before next Thursday! So much damn love for that episode! ♥

    rambling about day ) Omgwtfever, I'm shutting up and enjoying what the rest of this day has left to offer.
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    Frakk, so I tried doing YouTube's post to blog option with the Skins trailer twice two day ago, but when that wasn't working I finally got a clue and found the embedded option. Hahahhaa, I'm lame. Anyway, they just got around to popping up on my LJ today. *facepalm* I deleted them straight away when I noticed. Which was just minutes ago. *headwall*

    Moving on, I have finished watching the first series of Skins. I love it. I think my favourite characters are as follows: Maxxie, Chris, Jal (I really like Chris and Jal together, they need to hook up!), Cassie, Sid, Anwar, Effy, Tony, and Michelle. I don't count Posh Kenneth or Abigail because they are hardly in the series. After I get caught up with the second series, I'm going back to watch all of the unseen footage they have.

    Well, I've already watched some unseen footage. Like my favourite one!!!!! )

    Hmm, okay, I'm going back to catching up on the second series.


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