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Let the summer blockbuster movie season begin!!!!

ETA: The Soloist, a week old print, is horribly scratched. Awesome.
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But, shhh, don't tell my boss at the movie theater....I kinda backed out on the concerts I told him I was going to tonight and tomorrow, and the reason I couldn't work the hell that is HSM3 this weekend. I didn't lie. I had fully planned on going to those concerts, even though I didn't have tickets, but I'm burned out and need to recharge before I'm constantly on the go once more.

Wicked starts early next month and I requested to work as many shows as I could! :D The downtown job that was pretty dead all summer has finally gotten crazy busy again. I will probably die from constantly shuffling between all three jobs with no down time to myself, but that is what my life is right now, I guess. No, I should say that is what I chose my life to be right now.

What will keep me going? The lovely picture of wasting some time on a beach in Mexico, soaking up the sun and sipping mojitos with my family during Thanksgiving week!!!

For now, I'm going to visit with my mom and grandma, eat Chinese, and watch a movie. Wow, I can't believe I can actually say I have time to do that!!

P.S. I adore everything in this shop!!
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I didn't have time to make this trivial entry before work so here it is now, after work!

TV ramblings...might edit with more later )

RL ramblings )

Ok, I think it's time for bed.
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It is Supernatural S3 Finale Day!!! :D I should probably watch last week's episode before tonight, though. Heh.

List of five )

I think I'm going to watch last week's Supernatural then get out to visit MissMil and see Iron Man for a second time!!!
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I got up at 5:30am today to get ready to drive into the café from downtown. I got there ten minutes before 8am only to find out that I was never scheduled to work at all today.

ROTFLMAO! *facepalm* That's brilliant. :D
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3 Good Things:
01.) The Purple Nurple being back home, safe and sound in the garage.
02.) Cinnamon coffee cake. Yummmm, I need to find a recipe and make my own!
03.) Joe Purdy's music. I've loved this man's voice for four years now. He has such a calming sound that washes over me.

I'm so happy it's Friday, despite the fact that I work all weekend. Thankfully only once downtown. I love working at the theatres, and for Jersey Boys, but I've been missing the café liek whoa, so I'm happy I work there all weekend long!

/Oh, I just realised that it is exactly two months today until my birthday. I don't feel like I should be in my mid-twenties.
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When I'm bored I read imdb.com boards or [livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt to amuse myself. I was reading the latter tonight. While reading this entry, I discovered alluc.org.

Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. I'm giddy right now. *is lame*

Sidenote: The last client I had as a PCA loves candy like nobody else I've known, and she gave me a bunch of candy before we parted ways this past summer. When I did eat candy I ate very little, and I stopped eating candy when I was a teenager, but the Everlasting Gobstopper is fast becoming addictive, yo. Heh.
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Is it wrong that I like OneRepublic's "Apologize" song? I don't listen to mainstream radio stations that much anymore, so I have no idea what their status in the music industry is, but I heard "Apologize" on the end of Cold Case tonight and I'm kinda lovin' it.

Hahahahaha, I don't honestly care, but I just love how out of touch I can be sometimes. I tend to stick to what I listen to, and the recs people give me that are similar, which is of the offbeat variety (a.k.a. not that mainstream).

Total sidenote #1: Rachel Weisz looks horrid as a blond in Beautiful Creatures. Or maybe her character is wearing a wig? Or her character is suppose to be one of those trashy, low class girls that go tacky blond but forget the eyebrows? I don't know, either way, the dark brown eyebrows with the white-blond hair is distractingly shitty, imo. I'm not really watching the movie, it's just what is on my muted screen at the moment.
Total sidenote #2: I don't work for the next three days. :|

ETA: Oh, I have heard the song before. Only the remix version. I got to thinking, "I bet Gossip Girl used the song at one point." I was right. It was at the end of the "Hi, Society" episode. I am so gleeful that I gave Gossip Girl a second chance. It is deliciously evil!!
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First random-filled entry of 2008, YAYES!


List of :
I made this long )

Ok. Bed.
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I had such a nice day off yesterday, and was planning on enjoying another one today, but was roped into working because a) when a co-worker is sick, one should help out and b) I need the money. So, yeah, there was no chillaxing at home for me today. I shouldn't be bitching, next month is looking horribly bare from both jobs. :( Next goal: Get a FT job, STAT!

I'm just rambling on about a year-long goal I've had )

The BOO:
I have to usher a concert on New Year's Eve. This depresses me because it has been tradition in my house for years to stay in, eat Chinese and watch movies on New Year's Eve. I don't want to work. I especially don't want to work downtown and be polite to drunk people. *headwall*

That is all. I'm off to watch another movie before I have to rest up for another day at the cafe tomorrow, then tomorrow night is for spending time with my father and his side of the family for a late Xmas! :)

Happy Weekend to all.
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I'm dead bored.

What I'm currently loving )

On aside: I haven't even purchased holiday cards yet. I need and want them sent out no later than next Monday. The bookstore has some great looking ones in packages of 20 (?) or so. I might buy them through work (and get a discount to boot) instead of going to Target, like I had with my Halloween and Thanksgiving cards. I've made a small dent in my shopping for actual holiday gifts. Most everyone I know wants a gift card. Heh. Makes my life easier. I don't have to buy anything until the last moment, YAY!

And that is all I have for now.
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I got home at 12:30 this morning after working both jobs (roughly 13 hours combined).

Usually, after I get home from work I tend to fight my tiredness to get some stuff done, read, watch TV, or go online. That didn't happen this time. After changing into my PJs, it took all of a minute for me to go to bed. I was out shortly after my head hit the pillow.

I had set my alarm clock for 10 or 11 am because I didn't want to sleep the whole day away, like I have done too many times in the past but haven't done so lately. Yeah, I totally just woke up a half hour ago. *facepalm*

I must of needed the sleep or something, but that doesn't stop me from feeling lazy and shitty now.
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I don't know how long (some of) these new addictions will last, since I don't seem to have the right frame of mind to be addicted to anything (that isn't coffee) for long periods of time, but...

I am currently addicted to:
I wonder how long these addictions are going to last )

How I Met Your Mother and the NBC shows premieres tomorrow night!!!!!! Too bad I have to tape them, damn for having to work both jobs tomorrow.
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I already know this to be true, but life moves on after vacations, no matter how much your mind rebels. Sad but so very true.

Moving on...

List of six )

I have to work at the cafe in the morning so I probably should hit the sack.
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I am drop dead fred tired, yo.

It doesn't help that I only managed two and a half hours of sleep last night, though. So, you know, my bad.

But, hey, I survived!!!! :D

P.S. I definitely won't be mastering all the training in a week, like I did with my most awesome projectionist job. This makes me sad. :(
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It is 75 degrees outside right now.

Dude. Why can't we have this type of weather more and less of that evil cold and white stuff?

I've lived here all my life, you would think I would be use to it, but no, I'm not. Granted, we don't get 3 months worth of snow anymore, for which I am grateful, but I'm just done with cold weather and snow. On the other hand, I should be grateful I don't live on the Northeast. They seem to get hit with the evil stuff every year, and get hit with it in spades. :(

On a complete sidenote: My new client has gotten me addicted to Sudoku. I only had a mild curiosity before, but now I'm a bit engrossed in the books she gave me. She is evil, yes. ;)

I'm heading into work. Happy Monday to all!
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My Northwest/Petaluma Gomez adventure is best summed up with this awesome video that a friend made:
I'm feeling all nostalgic now )

Work notes and migraine related rambling )

Rambling more about Gomez-related stuffs )

Alright, I'm gonna finish this last part of this Roswell eppy before I head back to bed.
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I got back a half hour ago from working a 12.5 hour shift.

I start an 8 hour shift in 2 hours.

Coffee. In IV. STAT.
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My random ramblings on SAG awards, with pics )

In non-SAG news:
  • I think I'm getting sick. My throat does not feel good right now. Ugh, I detest being sick just as much as I detest starting another week in isolated hell. :( I hope getting some more rest will help. *crosses fingers*
  • I need to get cracking on some work-related shit this next week. If I don't, I will go insane and do something I will probably regret. :|
  • West Coast Gomez Trip 2007 in 18 days! :D :D :D :D *bounce*
  • I found the complete 2nd season of a certain ABC Family channel original TV show I've been watching, and liking, thanks to my job. Only thing, I haven't seen the 1st season yet. The 3rd season is airing right now, which I've been watching every Monday night before 24. What is wrong with me? This show is like the menarded little sister of every teen drama that the WB was famous for churning out. Oy. This show has become a sickness.
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    High interests (with TV spoiler thoughts) )

    Mild interests )

    Low interests )

    I have a date with my lovely bed that I do not want to be late for.


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