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When did it approach so fast? It just means the slow season is just around the corner. YAYES!

We had 8 prints of HP6 (midnights only, drops down to 4 for regular business). They all sold out by 4pm yesterday. Then, at 10:30pm, they added two 3am shows. Yeah, that only did 37 or so, I think. I didn't look at the final numbers. If they had thought of it sooner they might have done better business but whatever.

I was called in to help at 11:30pm. I had a feeling I was going to be but I was hoping to be wrong. I wish I had gotten a picture of the parking lot. The only time I think the mall parking lot is that full is on Black Friday. And maybe not even then since we're not MoA.

It was a crazy night. I stayed to help clean and shut down the projectors because I knew the guys would just slag off otherwise. I got out of there at 4am-something. I didn't end up getting home until close to 5am.


Now I get to go back and work opening day. Fun. Double fisting coffee is in my future, I think.

I only watched the last 10-15 minutes of the film, but didn't hear much of the dialogue since I was watching from booth, next to our noisier-than-usual projector. I will watch it on Thursday or Friday (a.k.a. my days off!!!)
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By some amazing chance of fate, I am (FINALLY) seeing (500) Days of Summer (a.k.a. my favourite movie I have yet to see) tonight!!

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I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine tonight after work. One word: lame. It was about showing off what could be done with special effects/the characters' abilities (probably the whole point). The guy playing Gambit sure was nice on the eyes, though. Heh. I recommend to always go for the shallow when a movie isn't worth much else. But, to be fair, he was awesome as Gambit and I thought he wasn't on long enough.

In saying all that, I will be watching the movie two more times this week )

I have to fill out and hand in my availability form for my downtown job. I, uh, kinda forgot about it. Oops.
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Yesterday, projectionists everywhere cursed Paramount when they got their prints of Star Trek because Paramount locked the canisters. Pointless and stupid*. Don't they realise that not only are projectionists film geeks but are also (most likely) Star Trek nerds?

I mean, come on, they're going to take the time to crack the code themselves. Duh.

It wasn't long after 7pm last night that my co-worker found the lock code on a film tech site. Awesome. Our boss still wouldn't let us preview last night, though. He wouldn't allow it until after 7am today since Paramount wasn't giving the lock codes until then.

So, I'm off to pump myself full with coffee - since I didn't get home until 2am but I'm a coffee whore so whatever - and watch a movie about a TV show that I hardly ever watched. Why? I find the trailers that freaking awesome.

*Besides, it was IDIOTIC for Paramount to lock the canisters since shows start tonight anyway. Fail, Paramount, fail!

ETA - 9:40am: my co-worker and I loved the movie!
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Let the summer blockbuster movie season begin!!!!

ETA: The Soloist, a week old print, is horribly scratched. Awesome.
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Christmas snuck up on me this year and I have no idea how or why. Yeah, the years go by faster as you get older, but this year has been an odd one so I didn't see Christmas coming up so fast until last week.

Our Christmas movie outing this year was Seven Pounds. I kinda wish it hadn't been but oh well. I just wonder why ... ) Ugh, it was ok.

What is up with the current crop of movies either being three hours long or feeling even longer than their two and half hour running time? Oy.

I have to close at the movie theater tonight. Joy. We just got back from my theater (we debated going to Crapmike). It was INSANE. And it doesn't help that the design of the building SUCKS And the owners are there playing "work" And I never worked Christmas at Crapmike so I just hope that it will die down some this evening. I doubt it but one can dream.

Happy Christmas!
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Another brief movie review.

I've been staying up way past my bedtime this week )
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The boys and I previewed The Spirit.

A brief review )

I've also seen: Australia, Nothing like the Holidays and Role Models this week. :D
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I'm just getting back from seeing Twilight with some bookstore co-workers and SS.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....wipes tears from eyes )

I leave for Mexico in the morning!!!! One week away from the jobs to relax in the sun FTW!!! :D
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It is a blah Tuesday outside.

List of five )

I have to stop wasting time now. I work and get to watch The Flight of the Conchords concert tonight. Maybe, I'll feel better once I get going.
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Why do I even bother watching and trying to get invested in television shows while they're on air? I always get behind, and with no catching up in sight. Always.

Examples )

Don't even get me started on movies. I didn't watch any movies last month. And I only watched one back in March. And now that May is here? Yeah, the big Summer Blockbuster movies are starting to roll out. Iron Man opens today. Ugh, I bet I won't see half of the movies this summer. I guess this is why BTA is a good thing to have. If only I would actually use it. Heh.

Rambling about life stuffs )

I should sleep, I somehow made this a semi-serious post when all I wanted to do was whine about silly, superficial bullshit.
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For the moment, I'm going to ignore the fact that it's almost 5am and I have been watching videos on YouTube all night. I only have to work three pathetic hours at the cafe today so I can totally get away with sleeping until 1pm.

I need this down as a reminder.

I started watching Hollyoaks before John Paul and Craig became McDean, but I stopped watching after Craig left, because I was a bit miffed about it all, so I thought I would check on what was going on with John Paul. LOL. Well, that didn't take me long so I ended up spending far too much time re-watching too many McDean videos (clips and fanvids alike). A bit ago, one video lead to the trailer for this film, which I had seen before, too. I just forgot about it. I have to remember to add that to my BTA queue later. I also have to add this film. I found clips and the trailer to it when I was watching the trailer for the other film. 0mg, it's looks so heartbreakingly good, as does the other film.

EEEEEE. Okay, I need to go to bed now.
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Years ago, a then-friend (I use that term loosely) introduced me to The Rocky Horror Picture Show Midnight experience that still takes place at the Riverview Theater in Southeast Minneapolis, but after my friend and I parted ways I reverted back into my hermit self, sticking to the movie theatres I live by (a.k.a. Crapmike), and forgetting all about the Riverview Theater.

However, I completely didn't know that Riverview was the cheap theatre to go to until my stepmom mentioned something yesterday morning while I was pursuing the movie times in the Source section at my dad and stepmom's place! I just found their website! I can totally go see six movies for 12 bucks today because it is $2 Tuesdays!!!!!!! And they have movies I've been wanting to see, too. I haven't watched movies all day at a theatre since forever.

Duuude. I'm so going!

*starts brewing the coffee*

ETA - 7:30am: Taking a two hour catnap.
ETA#2 - 7:45am: Thanks to my mom, I was reminded that the Oscar nominations were just announced moments ago, the list will be here sometime today.
ETA#3 - 7:50am: I still predict that the show will be cancelled, but you never know. I actually don't care if the Oscars get cancelled or not. I will care if the SAG awards will get cancelled, though. I'm odd that way.
ETA#4 - 10:18am - Slept. Dressed. Waiting for Coffee to finish brewing. *bounce*
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The Golden Globe winners are being announced on Entertainment Tonight.

LOL, this has to be a first. It is such a non-event without the crazy, hilarious alcoholic-induced antics that the actual award show can give.

I mean, the awards shows that allow everyone to sit at tables and drink are the best award shows to watch, imo.

ETA: The HFPA site has already announced winners that ET hasn't.

Random comments )
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Is it wrong that I like OneRepublic's "Apologize" song? I don't listen to mainstream radio stations that much anymore, so I have no idea what their status in the music industry is, but I heard "Apologize" on the end of Cold Case tonight and I'm kinda lovin' it.

Hahahahaha, I don't honestly care, but I just love how out of touch I can be sometimes. I tend to stick to what I listen to, and the recs people give me that are similar, which is of the offbeat variety (a.k.a. not that mainstream).

Total sidenote #1: Rachel Weisz looks horrid as a blond in Beautiful Creatures. Or maybe her character is wearing a wig? Or her character is suppose to be one of those trashy, low class girls that go tacky blond but forget the eyebrows? I don't know, either way, the dark brown eyebrows with the white-blond hair is distractingly shitty, imo. I'm not really watching the movie, it's just what is on my muted screen at the moment.
Total sidenote #2: I don't work for the next three days. :|

ETA: Oh, I have heard the song before. Only the remix version. I got to thinking, "I bet Gossip Girl used the song at one point." I was right. It was at the end of the "Hi, Society" episode. I am so gleeful that I gave Gossip Girl a second chance. It is deliciously evil!!
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A new year, a 100 new movies to watch!

100 Movies in 2008 )
Last Updated: 23 Aug 08

I will be keeping lists at listography.com from now on.
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I am FINISHED with my 100102 in 2007!!!!!!!!!! (I watched two TV-type films early on in my list so I compensated)

Now I am off to work a damn NYE concert downtown.

I hope everyone out there has a happy, safe and fun New Year's Eve! ♥
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I think I'll be taking in a double feature at Crapmike tonight. I am going to watch I Am Legend and No Country for Old Men. They'll be my 96th and 97th movies for my list.

I'll probably attack more of the DVDs and DVR recorded movies when I get home from Crapmike. I've got so many that I'll have a nice pile of movies to start the New Year off with!

I loved this list so much that I'm going to do it again next year! It's a nice goal of getting back into my movie whore ways, and getting off my ass out of the house and back into the theatre. I might even try this type of list with other things, like books and concerts or something. Maybe not 100, but some number I think is appropriate. We'll see.
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For our Christmas movie this year, my mom and I saw Sweeney Todd tonight. I loved it.

That is all.


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